This young Peruvian lost his leg in a motor vehicle accident. He was despondent, walking with crutches, without a job and a bleak future. He was fitted with a prosthesis and went on to start his own successful  taxicab business.


Solanche lost both her legs below her knees after an episode of meningococcemia and sepsis. She was thirteen and bedridden for two years, when she was first fitted with bilateral prostheses, thanks to Dreaming & Working Together.  She went on to graduate from high school and plans to study to be a social worker.


Horge, a farm owner, lost his right upper extremity in a farming accident. He was fitted with an upper extremity prosthesis by the Dreaming & Working Together mission. He returned back to farming and is able to provide for his family.


When Angelita, a 6 year old girl with a lazy eye condition, came into the program she usually would hide behind her mother, ashamed of anyone looking at her eyes. But with help from Dreaming and Working Together, which paid for the operation that was performed by Dr. Chafloque, Angelita is a completely different child that now plays with her friends and no longer hides her eyes because of embarrassment.


Brian is a 14 year-old boy who has cerebral palsy, right-side weakness and right foot drag. He was walking without a brace in torn sneakers when he was seen by the Dreaming & Working Together team therapists Audra and Sharon. He was fitted with a right ankle foot brace and a pair of brand new sneakers. His smile and joy was priceless.


Humberto, a patient that has received a prosthetic leg, commented, “I didn’t have any economic means to get ahead, but thanks to Dreaming and Working Together, they have given me the opportunity of walking again and being helpful and constructive to myself, my family and to society. Thank you for this help.”

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A 40 year old Peruvian villager fell off a second floor window and sustained a lumbar vertebral fracture. She was bedridden for many years, until Dreaming & Working Together surgeon Andrew Wakefield, MD, performed a complex spine stabilization surgery. It was tears of joy when she was able to walk with the assistance of the Rehab therapists, Patricia and Karen, just two days after surgery.

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“I’ve never seen such motivation and drive as I saw in the Peruvian patients, said Steve Charry of Hanger Clinic. “They progress very quickly! One woman hadn’t walked in 13 years without crutches, and she was walking within a few days on a new prosthetic leg. It’s very emotional; everyone was in tears."