The dedicated volunteers of the Dreaming & Working Together team from the USA travel to Peru annually to provide expert professional medical care. The team includes individuals with a range of medical specialties whose technical proficiency and commitment to patient care makes a lifelong difference in individual lives.

Hernando R. Garcia

Founder, President of Peruvian Affairs

The dream of Hernando Garcia, back in 2003, was to help people in his native Peru.  He began simply and by himself, collecting recyclables and using the money he redeemed to bring to Lima to help purchase fans and air conditioners for medical facilities.  From there, the concept of Dreaming & Working Together grew.  A consumer service analyst in Hartford Hospital's health information management department, and hospital employee for more than 20 years, he has nurtured the organization from formation into an effective, life-changing annual medical mission.  Enlisting the participation of physicians and medical professionals with whom he worked, the growing team travels with him annually to Peru, performing needed surgeries and providing medical devices to those who would otherwise be unable to afford such care.  His genuine passion, commitment and enthusiasm over the years has brought relief and impacted individual lives and entire communities.  In 2008, he was honored by Identidad Latina, an Hispanic newspaper edited in Hartford and distributed throughout Connecticut, for his contributions and dedication.


Andrew Wakefield, MD

Neurosurgeon, Hartford Hospital

Dr. Andrew Wakefield is a neurosurgeon with Hartford Hospital in Hartford, CT, who joined Dreaming & Working Together in 2006.  His presence has enabled D&WT to expand its services and open doors we never thought were possible.  In addition to his surgical skills, he has also donated thousands of dollars of surgical instrumentation that he no longer utilizes in his current practice to D&WT.  Dr. Wakefield received his medical degree from University of Connecticut School of Medicine and has been in practice for more than twenty years. 

Algis Maciunas, CPO

Certified Prosthetist/Orthotist,  Hanger Clinic

Al. Maciunas joined Dreaming & Working Together in 2008. Utilizing measurements provided from Peru, components are collected here in the US, assembled and then fabricated into custom prostheses in Peru.   In 2008, the first ten amputees were provided prostheses by Dreaming and Working Together. 

Al is a Certified Prosthetist/Orthotist and Clinic Manager for Hanger Clinic in Wethersfield, CT.  He graduated the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Bioengineering and then went to New York University Prosthetic /Orthotic Graduate center.  He received his American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics in 1983.  Al is a lower extremity specialist for Hanger Clinic and serves as a member of the Hartford Healthcare Rehabilitation Prosthetic Clinic.  He was the 2011 recipient of the Hanger Excellence Award for Clinical Leadership and is a Fellow of the American Academy of O & P.

Karen Brecher, PT

Physical Therapist

Karen Brecher has been with Dreaming & Working Together since 2007. She is a physical therapist who helped develop the protocols to rehabilitate our patients. Karen graduated from Quinnipiac University's physical therapy program and holds a master’s degree in gerontology from University of St. Joseph (CT).  Karen has enjoyed treating patients in all rehabilitation settings, and she has worked as a clinical instructor in the physical therapy programs at Quinnipiac University, University of Hartford and Boston University. 

Patricia Black, PT

Physical Therapist

Patricia Black joined the Dreaming & Working Together Team in 2007. A physical therapist, she received her undergraduate degree from Boston University in physical therapy, and went on to earn her masters in orthopedics from Quinnipiac University.  She has played a major role in the rehabilitation efforts for patients who have received a new prosthesis.  She has advanced training in manual lymph drainage and ergonomics and is a member of the Mulligan Concept Teaching Association. Pat has been teaching internationally.

Paul Armstrong, CP

Certified Prosthetist, Hanger Clinic

Paul Armstrong received B.S. in exercise physiology from the University of Connecticut in 1992. He graduated from the Newington Certificate Program in 1996 and completed his prosthetic residency in Connecticut. Currently the practice manager for the Hanger Clinic in Vernon, CT, he is also the manager of the Market Fabrication Facility in Newington, CT, and Methuen, MA.  Paul is an instructor in the University of Hartford’s Master of Science in Prosthetics and Orthotics program for transtibial prosthetics, and is a member of the IPOCare team, specializing in Immediate Post-Operative Prosthetic patient care.


Subramani Seetharama, MD

Medical Director, Hartford Hospital Rehabilitation Network

Dr. Subramani Seetharama is a physiatrist from Hartford Hospital who joined D&WT in 2007.  He brought extensive education, new techniques and protocols to create the rehabilitative program dedicated to those patients having their surgery by D&WT team.  Dr. Seetharama attended Armed Forces Medical College in India, interned at Ohio Valley Medical Center, and completed his residency at St. Francis Medical Center in Pennsylvania.  He is an instructor in emergency medicine at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine. 


Aaron S. Bayer

Wiggin and Dana, LLP


Dreaming and Working Together, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation that is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code. It was founded in September 2005 by medical professionals and concerned citizens interested in providing needed medical care to indigent and disabled patients in Lima, Peru.

The corporation is organized under the laws of the State of Connecticut and is governed by a volunteer board of directors. Its programs are primarily funded by contributions, gifts and grants from individuals, medical supply companies, and other businesses and civic organizations interested in its work. Its annual outreach program in Peru is undertaken by volunteer medical professionals and students working under the direction of licensed medical doctors.