Proximo Año

It is hard to describe the last days in Peru.  The team is tired.  Yes, we are simultaneously tired from working and playing hard.....none of us would ever be accused of not living life to the fullest.  We are working to finish up patient's prostheses, trying hard to leave no one undone.

This year went amazingly efficiently.  We fit 67 devices to 65 patients.  We were able to get most patient up by Wednesday and by Friday everyone was fit 2x.  This is amazing and comforting by our own standards.

As we roam about Carrion hospital's PT gyms attending to patient's needs, we are constantly being pulled in a multitude of por favor....un photo... can you look at _____, ...or ______ needs, has a problem with _______.   Fortunately, this year our team approach helped out tremendously.  All patients were assigned to specific Prosthetists and Physical Therapists. Viva equipa azul!!!

On Friday after an amazing breakfast and finalizing patient adjustments, the hospital puts on a little recognition ceremony.  People give speeches and recognize contributions from everyone involved.  It is often very touching and heart warming.....nary a dry eye in the room by the end, which the slowly erupts into a dance party.  By the end there are endless pictures, hugs.

It is simply an amazing thing to be able to Dream and to Work with these Peruvians; to join together and make the world the way we see it; the way it should be.

See you next year


Steve CharryComment