Dias Dos

Yes, today was as good or even better than I thought it would be.   Old friends reunited and new friends discovered.

Dos ( Steve Daley) and me saw 21 patients; assessing and evaluating for fit and potentials needs.  I have repeated to many today that the day was surprisingly smooth.  We had the benefit of Eric Smullen PT from Hartford Healthcare assisting us with our evaluations. While we always have PTs around; we have never tapped them as a part of the evaluation process.

I hope that some of you are thinking....duh....why the heck not.  That's a no brainer.

His perspective was similar but still unique.  His questions and considerations.....I simply thought....."yeah, I want to know that too....whatever he said." 

Complete pictures of what we are up against are the best way to prepare and ensure success.

If today was any indication of tomorrow....tomorrow will belong, tiresome but equally awesome.

Still, and for many days to come....I can' wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Buenos Noches


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