Day Uno

Hard to describe the first day.  It isn't a day of typical work.  It is Easter. It is a time of new beginnings. 

As a testament to new beginnings, I am in Peru on Day Uno.  Those of you that followed us last year know that I was stuck in Hot-Lanta for a touch too long last year.

Since it is Sunday, there are no patients to see. It is simply time for the team to hang and enjoy a bit of Peru.

Sunday began at our favorite Sunday Brunch stop.  Personally, I couldn't get enough Ceviche.  Al said it was the octopus that truly had a hold on me.  

Shopping was followed by some much needed time at the beach. We all got to see Dos enjoy the Pacific Ocean..... 

For those that don't know, we have 2 Steve's on our trip.  Numero Uno we call Esteban.  Numerous Dos.....we call.....Dos   

Dinner was a typical Peruvian hibachi grill.  Dr. Mary was able to join us for dinner, which was a real treat.  Dr. Mary is like a saint, in my book.  She clearly represents all that is good in this world.  Her only goal is to serve and educate those in need of rehabilitation.

Is it possible to simply bottle someone up and sprinkle a little bit of them wherever you go?  

I can't wait for tomorrow.  Familiar faces...sights and smells that smack of Daniel Carrion Hospital.  Long lost friends that we only get to see once per yer. Hugs that squeeze your breath away....and then...... some 64 faces of patients waiting for.....hope, worry, an opportunity , a chance, a friend, some comfort, some understanding, some return of control of their own lives.

I can't wait for tomorrow.


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