Still Packing

Dear Friends

Welcome to the blog.  For several years now I have been a part of a small non-profit, Dreaming and Working Together.  (See the link to the right.). Our founder, Hernando Garcia, is from Peru but has worked for Hartford Hospital for some 30+ years.

Our journey begins tomorrow.  I like to use this blog as my own little journal.  Feel free to comment or share the link with others.  Enjoy it with your morning cup-o-joe.  

This year we have some 60 patients waiting for us; and for those of you who have shared my diatribes from previous years, this year,.... for the very first time.....the boxes are already there. This means come Monday morning we should be able to set right to work.  Very exciting.  

Not to turn this blog into in an infomercial, but putting on this trip and non-profit comes at some expense.  We have a few fundraisers during the year to help off-set expenses.  It dawned on me while I was setting up this year's blog; if each time you read the blog you also clicked the donate button to the  right and gave the Foundation 1$, then by the end of the trip we would have raised enough money to cover the shipping of boxes for the next year. Our page view counter will be our tally.  Let's give it a try.  ;-).  

Time to go finish packing, but before I do I wish to the the Napolitanos for their generous wedding favor donation this past weekend. (See below).

See you all south of the equator


Steve CharryComment