Uno Mas

Uno mas.  One more.  

One more photo.  One more hug.  One more cry for both joy and sorrow. One more adjustment or fine tune of a new prosthesis. One more, one more, one more....

I don't think there is a right way to close the blog on this trip.  Hopefully it will be unending. "Proximo ano," is the common phrase that is exchanged among our new amigos meaning until next year.

And now the week has flown by.  In so many ways the week went perfectly.  I have only been able to mention a few of the details of activities of our grup, but they were many.  We got our supplies on time and set to work.  Some of the fruits of our labor are realized right away, while some may not be discovered for years to come.

Friday, finished up fittings and adjustments of all of our patients.  I dont have the numbers yet, but please look for that in a couple most posts to close out the mission.

Noon time brought a presentation by the hospital administration, expressing gratitude for our work.  The patients all had small gift that each gave to those who cared for them.  It was a great mini-party, complete with dancing by both Peruvians and Dreamers.

Yes, it is true.  Jorge is doing better than I imagined.  We did a few more tweeks of his prosthesis.  He worked hard with Jonathan from Peru as well as with our lovely Karen Brecher.  In short time this initially cautious and shy boy dispensed with using his cruthes (muletas) and took to attacking the soccer ball on 2 feet as well as meandering around the crowd during the party as a self-proclaimed photog.  It really was incredible to see. 

And it gives me hope.

We caught the Red Eye out of Lima late last night and as a result, I am not clear quite what day it is.  Combine that with a small flight debacle coming out of Miami, and our group has become somewhat fragmented.

When the group rejoins please look here for some grouped closing pictures and summary.

I know I speak for many when I say that I miss Peru, already.

Hasta Luego


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