Sunday in Ventilla

No...we do not have boxes yet.  Customs is closed today.  We made use of the time to visit Ventanilla.  We visited this village 2 years ago.  Dr. Mary runs a free clinic in the severely impoverished  area.  Dreaming and Working has been raising some funds for roofs for people in this area for some time.  It is exactly as you see, a very eye opening place to see.   

The blue house shown in the pictures is due to receive a roof from Dreaming and Working later today.  Inside, it is interesting to see how the people live.  The house was set up not so different from yours, in many ways.  There was definitive bedrooms and a kitchen.  The house was complete with wires haphazardly spliced together, spanning across the ceiling and of course a chicken coup in the back.

I was told that the electricity is illegal, but they "know a guy"  that sets it up.  The entire area is like dirty beach sand.  Loose; deep in spots with precarious footing.

Some interesting thoughts about a region so different than what we have grown used to in the US.  we did not see a shower.  It is dirty.  Everyone looks at you and says hello. They appear happy.  The dogs do not bark and chase you.  The children do not cry.   There is a great sense of community and not a huge focus on self or health. 

Manana...cross your fingers that we get our boxes.  We will reunite with many great people from Hospital Carrion and begin seeing and meeting many more new Peruvian friends.

Buenos Noches


Melissa's sweet ride

Home that will be getting a roof

Part of Dreaming and Working's roof project in Ventanilla

Audra, Este and Denise

Elementary School for the Village

We donated some supplies to the roof project today and hired a taxi to bring them back to Ventanilla.

Al thought the fit was a scoshe tight

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