Fw: A crazy thing happened

I don't quite know how to begin the ending of this blog, but the story below is a good start. It details Lena, and Kate the Nurses leaving the airport with Esther and her fiance, Caesar after seeing us off. 

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The four of us- Kate, Caesar, Esther and I were trying to hail a cab to bring us back to their apartment from the airport. But with two full packs on our backs no one would take us for less than 40 soles- the tourist price. 

We about decided that we wouldn't find anything inside the airport parking lot when out of nowhere appeared a man wearing a hangar shirt! And he wanted to give us a ride! 

I don't remember his name but he was one of the last ones on this years' list? he was supposed to get a new leg next year and you guys made time for him this year instead. 

He drove three hours to come to the airport and halfway there his car broke down. He got it to start and kept going only to be stopped at the parking gates at the airport because his paperwork expired (WEIRD) but when he told them he had to see his friends because they made this new leg for him the guards said, "WOW, does it move?!" And he said "yes" and they let him through. 

He missed the pictures and he didn't get to see you and Al in person but I don't think it was just a coincidence that he kept on coming after his car broke down. And not even a coincidence that we found him in the parking lot in a moment of need. 

I think someone above is telling us we did a great job! 

Have a safe flight! 

Lena :) 

Ps he says thank you for his new life 
Pps thanks for being such a patient teacher. You da bomb. 

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