Delia and Daisy

These ladies are Delia and Daisy. 

Delia was hit by a car 13 years ago. She is about 34 years old. Her left leg was severely broken in the accident. For the last 12+ yrs Delia was in an external fixator. 

For those non-medical people, a fixator is a cage used for complicated fractures when a cast or screws and plates won't do. 

While fixators are great and work wonders for many people, the patients are prone to infection. AND 10 yrs is just a touch long for someone to be such an apparatus; nursing along a non-functional leg. 

9mos. ago Delia's bone became infected with osteomyelitis and her leg needed to be amputated. 

She is walking for the 1st time in 13yrs. 
Funny, not knowing the ramifications of not walking for 13 yrs; weakness, atrophy, instability...she made a comment shortly after being fit. "Why do limp?". ;-). 

She'll come around, I have no doubt. 

Daisy is 52 years old. She was struck by a car 2 yrs ago. She could not help it. She was saving her son, preventing him from being struck by the car. 

Daisy's right leg was amputated above the knee. Her residual limb required many large skin grafts to be preserved, yet still had severe scarring and was told by local healthcare workers that she could not be fit with a prosthesis. 

She walked into the airport today, pretty darn well. 

I am not sure who was happier, these ladies or the people that had the privilege to help them. 


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