Well, after a very long travel day we finally arrived in Peru very early this AM.  I think that one of the best things I have noticed so far......there's no snow here.  There is nothing really great to report so far. We made a much needed stop at the local hardware store to be sure we are well equipped for tomorrow.  

Bright and sunny day on the west coast of Peru.  Picked up a few souvenirs and a short lounge at the beach.  I think tomorrow we'll be ready for work tomorrow.

In general, the conditions of Peru seem much improved from previous years.  New buildings and businesses and cleaner streets certainly make it seem like things are improving in Peru.

For those of you just tuning in, we are here in Lima Peru.  Our mission is to help the underserved of this region.  Our vehicle for this help is our longstanding relationship with Daniel Carrion Hospital in the Callao region of Lima, Peru.   We are here for 1 week. Through our relationship with Dr. Mary, we will plan to fit nearly 50 patients with their first prostheses.

As with every year, our trepidation lies in the hopes that our boxes of supplies will be released from customs.  Without these boxes, there is almost nothing we can do. 

I hope to provide daily posts to this blog as well as pictures that seem fitting during the course of the days.  

Till Manana

Buenos noches


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