The trip begins manana, and the real work doesn't really begin till Monday.  Tomorrow is a big travel day.  Sunday, will clearly bring a new experience; St. Patty's Day in Peru.  Chicha for everyone!!

This year the foundation held it's first fundraiser.  Hooker Brewery was the definite place to be that night.  We extend a hearty cheers and thanks to the brewery for hosting us, and an even bigger thanks to many of you.  We raised a lot of money for the foundation and it will go a long way toward helping us sustain these kind of efforts beyond this week.  Who knows, we might have just found an annual thing.

Below is a picture of our beloved founder, Hernando with some of his co-workers; social workers from Hartford Hospital.

After tomorrow, we should be able to introduce you to the rest of the crew...haven't met them all myself, yet.

Steve CharryComment