Have you met Dr. Andrew Wakefield? This year marks 7yrs of Andy traveling to Peru as part of the relief efforts of "Dreaming and working together". Andy, is neurosurgeon who operates at Hartford Hosp. In some ways, he is the team member who is least seen. In others, he is the most pun intended. For several years Andy has come to Peru to perform spine surgeries, introducing more advanced surgeries and instrumentation to the Carrion Hospital.

For those that know Andy, they know he is super intelligent, particular and matter of fact man....with smarshsmellow insides. That's right, I said smarshsmellow. ;)

In the 1st pic, is Dr. Wakefield with his interpreter, Estelle. ( I took this pic , by standing on a table and leaning out the window of the room that Al + I work in.) Estelle is a Peruvian PT, who works about 1.5 hrs outside Lima. When finishing her studies last year, she served as an interpreter for Andy....this year, he wanted the best back again. He's a bit particular, you know.

Over drinks last night, Estelle and her fiance asked Andy to be the God Father for their wedding in 2014. It was a touching moment.

At work, it was a fantastic day. Most of our patients were well fit by yesterday. Today was a day for prosthetic training by super PT's Karen and Pat, as well as follow up and minor adjustments/ fine tuning on our part.

In many ways it was a utopian type day for a person to receive a prothesis. Around 10am, Al gave a brief inservice via interpreter/PT student, Cindy, on prosthetic care and wear expectations, followed by a massive "team treat" of all the prosthetic patients, by the head PT of the hospital.

I am sorry, her name escapes me.

Still, look at the picture. She was barking out orders and demonstrating movements that the entire patient population participated in. I have never seen such an event. Patients from 18yrs to 60yrs rolling around. Performing general movement exercises...desensitizing; increasing awareness of body movements and positioning; activating muscle groups that may have not been called upon in many moons. It was wondrous to say the least.

One of the patients, Rosa, brought in fresh corn and homemade cheese for our group. Notice her standing behind the table. This is her 1st prosthesis. There is no crutch by her side. She moved and served her delicious dish as though she had been walking her whole life.

The corn and cheese were delicious. The corn kernels were HUGE. There were homemade sauces for the corn. The red one made my ears red and my head sweat. Mani was in heaven....runny nose included.

At the beginning of today, as Al + I were prepping supplies, Dr. Mary came in with a bottle. Chicha de Jora!!

Yes, Dad, it is a sort of special corn beer. Woooo ;)

Notice the bottle is generic. No true label. The best stuff in the world comes in bottles like this.

I hugged her graciously thanked her as we put the bottle in the cooler that we used for drinks.

At the end of the day, we were just about ready to leave. The whole crew just happened to all be in the work room at the same time. Dr. Mary came in. I said, "Oh, Dr. Mary!?" No other words were needed. She said Yes!!!....and we gathered cups and all toasted with Chicha de jora. Delicioso!!! When I finish the bottle, I will stop thumbing for the night ;)

Tomorrow will be our last day. It should be similar to today. Good follow up care and fabulous prosthetic training. I will probably get on more post out before we board the plane.

If you haven't explored it, at the top right of the blog is a scrolling album. Also, at the bottom is a series of pics. If you click either, you will be brought to the picasa album that holds them. I can't remember what I have posted and what I haven't, so come Sunday, I will upload any remaining pics that I have not posted. Check back if you want to see.

Hasta manana.



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