Buenos dias, amigos

Welcome to Peru.

I will never understand why sitting on a plane for hours, waiting around for others and then riding in a van, can make you so tired and wiped out.  Still, we arrived early this AM. No daylight savings here.  It is 7:45AM.   Happy St. Patty's Day, everyone.  Whiskey, beer, chicha and Shamrock shakes for all!!

In the airport we finally met up with Andy Wakefield as well as the two nurses, Kate and Lena.

It was dark when we arrived so I could not easily see, but the hotel appears to be something designed by a Peruvian Dr. Suess.  My room is on the 2nd floor, but to get to it I first needed to go down, around, across, up and over.  In nearly every nook is either what appears to be a secret door or staircase that you didn't know about.

The rooms are small, simple, yet efficient.  I haven't seen them yet but from the noise, "cooing", the doves or pigeons native to here are fairly boisterous.

I'll try to get some pics...later when I finally explore out of my nook.

Not much happens on Sundays, though I have heard that today is some sort of Election Day in Lima.

Dad.....they say that the beans you speak of do not actually come from here, but I will keep looking.

More later.



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