Well, after one of the longest travel days I've had in a while, we have arrived in Lima.

Hernando, our fearless leader was here, smiling wide to greet us.

As my kids can tell you, I have a knack for choosing the wrong line to stand in. I have held true to my rep. Coming through customs took an hour anyway. It didn't help that our dog chewed the corner of my passport, leaving it un scan-able. The Customs lady looked like a grocery clerk with a bar code that wouldn't scan. Had to put it in manually. Ugh..

And Then, after customs you go through a 2nd checkpoint where you are selected at random to get your bag scanned. Ding, ding, ding. I won again.
Lima is warm. Didn't need my socks, that's for sure.

The pics attached are of Hernando, fearless leader. And Pat, recharging herself ;-)

2AM here. We sprung forward and back again. Weeeee.

We start at 7AM, Manana. Time to sleep.


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