Framing this 1st day is going to be a challenge, but here goes.

We met Hernando at 7am in front of our hotel. He took us to the hospital. It was a little unusual this morning for the fact that it was raining. Simultaneously, while waiting for people to emerge from their room, Hernando and I looked at each other, each asking. Did you feel that?

Lima sees less than 1" of rain per year. This was a small, yet notable event.

We also met Dr. Andrew Wakefield. A neurosurgeon from Hartford Hospital, Andy was the 1st person to begin this annual pilgrimage, almost 7 yrs ago. The team continues to grow.

Upon arriving to the hospital, Hernando toured us around the rehab. areas where we'd be working as well as introducing us to the staff.

I don't quite know how to describe Lima and the areas we've seen so far. It seems poor but not desolate. It is crowded but not suffocating.

Breakfast was at the hospital. Hard boiled eggs, light white cheese, olives, juice and light, white rolls with butter or marmalade. Coffee was like an espresso that you dilute with a half water.

Work began

Al + I saw all 13 new patients, today. We did evaluations and test fits of some of the pieces we had pre-made for the trip.

The Peruvian people seem so unique. Dr. Mary had provided us information and some pictures of our new patients. As I saw them stroll in, I recognized them from their file. "Hola, mi jamo Pablo." I would say. Each patient greeted us and left us with a genuine hug. They arrived at 8am and some patiently and enduringly waited till 4pm to be seem for the chance, possibility at a real prosthesis.

Yes, the room we work in is small. The ventilation is poor. The day was hot, but the day flew. It is so easy to get wrapped up in each case. Trying to figure out the best plan of attack...and yet accomplish the most possible for the present. Our time is short with these people. We want to be effective.

My head is starting to nod now, so I need to wrap this up.

Pic1 + 2- molding and fitting a patient. Thanks, Abby for your help with this. One

Pic 3 + 4 - Karen eating a fruit that looks a touch gross and yet is called something like Gonorrhoea.

5 - King Al, as he seems to be known, working his wondrous skills.

6 +7 - Miguel, Dr. Mary, Mani, Al, patient and me. Or Dr. Mary, Mani, Al, me, Karen and Pat.

I'll write more later.
Buenos Noches, Mis amigos.


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