Our mission in March of 2014 was held at the Alcides Carrion National Hospital in Bellavista Callao, and we are very grateful to all of our volunteers for their outstanding commitment and dedication. Very special thanks for Dr. Mary Querevalu and her staff who organized 42 individuals - amputees either due to illness or accidents - to receive prosthetic limbs. We are also very grateful to Dr. Andrew Wakefield, neurosurgeon from Hartford Hospital, for his continued active work with D&WT and his efforts in providing the surgical supplies necessary to treat 6 individuals with spinal issues.

We visited the Centro De Salud Angamos in Ventanilla where we made a donation of medicine and supplies to assist with the dental team led by odontologists, Veronika De La Cruz and Jesus Orbegoso.  They performed 78 dental extractions and provided approximately 100 fluoride treatments. 

In addition, D&WT donated corrugated roofs to six preselected households for repairs in AA.HH Nuevo Pachacutec in Ventanilla. We would like to extend a special thanks to Ivonet Ortiz who located the homes for us. We were also able to respond to a distress call from a school called Elias Aguirre Romero whose roof had caved in due to poor weather conditions.  We also donated 3 fans to assist with a heating issue in their computer room.

One of our most gratifying moments of our mission was to witness a 10 year old boy regain his ability to walk again.  We are grateful for your ever-present help and support to continue working for those in need.

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