The dental campaign was led by Dr. Anatoliy Ravin and performed operations including prophylaxis, extractions, and cures to 158 people - children and adults - in the poor town of Asentamiento Humano Angamos en Ventanilla-Callao, Peru. Very especial thanks to Dr. Anatoliy Ravin for his unselfish work and to Dr. Veronica De La Cruz of Dental Center of Health, as well as Ms. Marleny Mesta for her hard work and collaboration.

During the week, the team went to the town of Asentamiento Humano Oasis in the city of Ventanilla – Callao, Peru where we replaced roofs made of “Esteras” material - pieces of bamboo used as walls and roofs that were deteriorating - for “Calaminas” sheet of metal that helped eight family members that were very poor, giving them a home that was more stable and secure to live in. Continuing with the mission, we went to Hospital Nacional Daniel Alcides Carrion where neurosurgeon Dr. Andrew Wakefield provide backbone operations to eight patients with economic hardships. Each benefitted tremendously from our help.

Hospital Nacional Daniel Alcides Carrion received a donation of prostheses for upper and lower limbs that our specialist placed on 38 people, including some who were preselected and on a waiting list for a year. After their rehabilitation, they will return to contribute to a better society in their community. 

There is tremendous satisfaction in fulfilling our mission successfully, which provides even more reason to return every year to continue our noble work in Peru. The mission is possible because of the support and assistance of people willing to help. We are very grateful.