Once again, Dreaming and Working Together can proudly announce that we have reached the goals we had set for ourselves in 2012. This year’s mission began on Monday, March 12th and lasted through Friday, March 23, a week we had been looking forward to with great anticipation.                        

Dreaming and Working Together’s first mission began at the Hospital Daniel Alcides Carrión where  neurosurgeon Dr. Humberto Effio worked with one of our esteemed doctors, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, to  successfully complete ten delicate spine surgeries. Two of these surgeries required extra time and  therefore a day was set aside for each surgery to ensure that both individuals received the medical  attention they needed and deserved.

During this week, our rehabilitation team consisting of DWT’s Dr. Subramani Seetharama, Karen Brecher, Patricia Black and the Hospital’s Dr. Mary Querevalu worked together to aid in the recuperation of patients that have been waiting for this experienced collaboration. 

The next area our team tackled was prosthesis where specialists Algis Maciunas and Paul Armstrong  were able to work on twelve individuals to give them a better quality of life with fitted prosthetics. Among these twelve patients, each was fitted with hand or leg prosthetics. The joy on the faces of these patients proved to be an emotional event for everyone. They expressed how they felt they were starting a new life, as they are now able to return to a relatively normal lifestyle by once again becoming productive members of society.

But our mission did not end here. We also stopped at the Hospital de Emergencias Pediátricas, where DWT was able to help the hospital financially, as well as with medical supplies.  Under the leadership of Dr. Javier Pascual, who has extensive experience in performing cleft palate, cleft lip and burn surgeries, our team was able to treat twenty-five patients who celebrated their beautiful newfound smiles.

Dreaming and Working Together’s week was filled with many goals.  We also visited the Centro de Salud Mi Peru, which is located in the city of Ventanilla.  During this mission, DWT’s dentist Anatoliy  Ravin, worked with Josué Seraya, one of the Center’s dentists. Together they were able to complete 200 extractions in just five days. DWT was very blessed to have a group of woman who dedicated time during our mission to go door-to-door to inform the community of the free services DWT was offering.

Our last stop of the mission was at the Asentamiento Humano Nuevo Pachacutec, also located in Ventanilla in Callao. With the kindness and hard work of Ivonne and Nataly, 15 roofs were constructed for families in the community, where priority was given to seniors and families with young children.

We would not have been able to complete all this work if it had not been for the volunteerism and hearts of our group of medical professionals who sacrificed spending time with their own families to dedicate themselves to strangers who desperately needed their help. Their drive comes from the satisfaction that they are helping people who would be unable to get this quality of treatment on their own. To each and every member of our team, special thanks for being part of the Dreaming and Working Together family as we move forward to continue our work, which brings happiness to so many people.