The first part of our 2011 mission began on January 17th and lasted through January 21st.  We had the privilege to once again work with Hospital Nacional Daniel Alcides Carrión, where Dr. Andrew Wakefield accompanied us. Under the supervision of the hospital’s Dr. Humberto Effio, our combined teams of medical professional were able to successfully complete twelve spinal operations. The doctors had hopes of performing more operations, and for that reason we are looking to conduct even more operations in our future missions.  

During this time, we also visited the Hospital Emergencias Pediátricas in Lima where our doctors were able to see a number of young patients who came with their parents to take advantage of the superior and free healthcare that the mission is characterized by. The majority of the work here consisted of surgeries that corrected and improved cleft palates, hand deformities, burns, and much more. We were able to do all this under the excellent leadership of Dr. Javier Pascual. Moreover, Dr. David Bass, one of our team members, was able to join us and surgically treat 35 children! We would like to extend our appreciation to both of these hospitals that accommodated us and helped facilitate our mission – they truly were assets to DWT’s work. We plan on returning as long as we are needed and look forward to further developing relationships with these institutions. 

The second part of the mission had a humanitarian focus, and lasted from January 24th to January 28th. This part of our trip took place in Nuevo Pachacutec Asentamiento Humano, in the city of Ventanilla. Here lived low-income families that literally lived with just a roof over their heads. The problem was that these roofs were either poorly constructed or quickly deteriorating, making them essentially ineffective. Our goal was to supply calamine roofs firstly to single mothers with small children, and also the elderly. Fortunately, we were able to supply and install these special roofs for twelve families, which helped bring them one step closer to improving their living conditions. We would like to give a special thanks to Ms. Nathaly Cespedes and Ivonne. Both selflessly devoted their own time to find families that would most benefit from this mission. 

We are thrilled that we were able to help these families and look forward to returning in 2012. Our work here has just begun, and we feel that we have much more ahead of us. With your kind contributions, we will be able to continue these missions, as it is your funding that directly helps these families that desperately need your help.  Dreaming and Working Together truly appreciates all your support!