January 25th started this year’s agenda, our first stop at the Nacional Daniel Alcides Carrión hospital, where our very own neurosurgeon, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, completed seven spinal operations, all with favorable results. In addition, we were able to donate and fit prosthetic limbs to thirteen patients, due to the gratitude of our donors as well as the experience of Algis Maciunas, who jumped in headfirst into improving the quality of living and hope of a better future for these patients. With their newfound mobility arose feelings of usefulness and purpose in their society, feelings that everyone should have the opportunity to experience.

Our rehabilitation team, led by Dr. Subramani Seethrama and comprised of Karen Brecher, Patricia Black and Kevin Connellan, and a group of Peruvian colleagues led by Dr. Mary Querevalú, worked with patients in the process of recuperation, teaching and showing them the best methods to train and exercise in order to catalyze and complete a successful recovery. While they only had a limited amount of time to accomplish this, they were able to make a vast contribution that left all patients uplifted and smiling.

Our mission also included participation in the Hospital of Emergency Pediatrics in which plastic surgeon, Dr. David Bass, worked jointly with Dr. Javier Pascual, Dr. Herrera and various Peruvian plastic surgeons to complete twenty-eight operations on children with lip fissures, cleft palates, malformations of the hands and feet, burn scars and additional treatment needs. The treatment involved alleviating the condition by correcting it and in turn increasing the patients’ self-esteem.

The week proved to be intense, as we also worked with the Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Neurológicas, where Dr. Andrew Wakefield successfully executed seven spinal operations. Here we worked under the superior direction of Dr. Jesús Felix and his colleagues. At the end of this mission, we were met by the Minister of Health, Oscar Ugarte, who joined in viewing our accomplishments in our time here and congratulating our team.

These achievements would not have happened without the help of Hartford Hospital, Hanger and Synthes, and all the people who very thoughtfully supported our vision financially. Their contributions were essential, and greatly appreciated.