The three free medical and humanitarian missions to Peru began as planned on January 26, 2009 and continued through January 30.

Participating in first mission at the Daniel Alcides Carrion National Hospital were Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Dr. Subramani Seetherama and Dr. Robert Kennedy along with Algis Maciunas, a technician specializing in prosthesis.

Dr. Wakefield, a neurosurgeon, successfully operated on 10 patients who are now in good health. A rehabilitation team headed by Dr. Seetherama treated 110 patients. With the knowledge, patience and assistance of four technicians they achieved their objective. Dr. Kennedy, a dentist, treated 25 cases. Treatment included extractions and prophylaxis. The most emotional part of this mission was performed by Algis Maciunas, who fitted 13 patients with prosthesis for the lower limbs and three with prosthesis for the upper limbs.

The second mission took place at the Emergencias Pediatricas Hospital (Pediatric Emergency Hospital). Plastic surgeons Dr. David Bass and Dr. Javier Pascual (from Peru) performed surgery on 25 children with congenital malformations such as lip fissure, cleft palate, scars from burns and hand deformities. All surgeries were successful. However, there are eight children on the waiting list for the next mission.

The third mission was at the Progreso De Carabayllo Centro De Salud. Over a two day period Dr. Kennedy, along with personnel from the Centro, including director Dr. Luis Valverde, treated 70 patients.

The closing ceremony was very emotional and was attended by many family and relatives of the patients. Speaking at the ceremony was the president of Calloa Region, Alexander Kouri, who encouraged us to organize future missions. We promised to return in 2010 with new missions.