Each year we find ourselves getting more involved with our missions, which is very exciting.  For instance, in 2008 we had the same team plus additional members being Dr. Robert Kennedy (general dentist), an additional physical therapist named Patricia Black and Algis Maciunas, a prosthetic (artificial limbs) technician.  Algis opened up a whole new path for us to travel down…with his skills and dedication; DWT provided artificial legs for nine Peruvians who were now able to walk again!  The team worked together to ensure that everyone receiving a prosthesis was rehabilitated to a point of independent training so we were able to see all of them standing upright!  It was an overwhelming emotional event for all of us to witness these individuals regaining their zest for life.

Dr. Wakefield performed multiple surgeries.  Dr. Kennedy performed approximately forty extractions in four days and on his fifth day, he went to Progeso Hospital located in Carabayllo which is a poor area lacking dental services and did even more extractions.  We also donated $500.00 to another shelter, Happy Face (Caritas felices Lurin) for girls, age 2-14 who had been raped.  Nuns operate the shelter and the money was used towards improvements to the facility itself. 

The donations continue to come…this year we donated $320,000.00 of surgical equipment, used equipment for us here in the United States, but equipment much-appreciated in Peru.