Since we were such a success with Carrion hospital we decided to return this year with Dr. Wakefield, Dr. Bass and an additional physician, Dr. Seetharama (rehabilitation physician) and a physical therapist, Karen Brecher.  In addition to the same services as last year, we also completed new accomplishments.

The rehabilitative team worked with the hospital staff in teaching new techniques, developing new protocols and assisting with a rehabilitative program for several of the patients who Dr. Wakefield operated on during the week. 

In addition, Hernando located a shelter, Home of Life (Hogar Vida) for children, ages 2-10 diagnosed with HIV who were provided with box springs, mattresses with bedding, industrial kitchen blender and eighteen pairs of pajamas. In addition, similar to last year we were fortunate enough to be given $91,000.00 worth of surgical equipment.