This year we became more courageous, having had three successful years behind us.  Hernando has been employed by Hartford hospital for 24 years in a service-oriented position.  He has developed several contacts and wondered if anyone would be interested in joining him on his adventure of support. Happily, two physicians, Dr. Andrew Wakefield (neurosurgeon) and Dr. David Bass (plastic surgeon) took up his offer, which created unimaginable new possibilities for us.

D&WT decided to offer surgical services, which were accepted at Hospital National Daniel Alcides Carrión in Lima.  Dr. Wakefield performed fifteen brain and spinal surgical procedures on adults while Dr. Bass performed twenty surgeries on adults to correct cleft lip/palate defects, perform skin grafts for burn victims and scar reductions.

 In addition, Hartford Hospital donated the necessary anesthesia for both Dr. Wakefield and Dr. Bass. We were also able to bring a donation of approximately $89,000.00 in surgical equipment which met with approval from the Peruvian Consulate in Hartford, Connecticut.  What a year… and this was all done by still collecting recyclables!