D&WT was hoping to do something a bit different this year.  Hernando is employed by Hartford Hospital, a major trauma metropolitan medical facility in Hartford, CT and has daily contact with numerous physicians and other healthcare personnel.

 Lo and behold, Hartford Hospital asked Hernando if D&WT could use some of their outdated medical equipment for our missions.  Of course, Hernando said YES!  In fact, they were gracious enough to upgrade the equipment which were distributed to three facilities in Peru: Hospital Las Mercedes in Chiclayo, Hospital San Jose en Chincha and Hospital Huaycan in Lima, all facilities being in Peru.

The donated equipment were pulse oximeters, which are medical devices that indirectly measures the oxygen saturation of blood and is considered standard medical equipment.  It was nice to know that we gave these facilities an opportunity to assist medical professionals to better care for their patients!

Of course, this was in addition to our mission which was to pay to have Peruvian physicians perform surgeries for children with “lazy eyes”.  The hospital provided their own ancillary staff but D&WT paid all the expenses.  D&WT paid to have the children transported to the facility and all associated costs for the families while their children were hospitalized.