D&WT’s first year began with Hernando Garcia contacting various facilities in Lima until he found one that was interested in his idea…as simple as that! Imagine his surprise and delight when the Director of the Children’s Hospital (Hospital del Nino) in Lima welcomed his donation. Dr. Oliveras said an air conditioning system was badly needed at a cost of $20,000.00!!  Hernando was quick to inform her that D&WT had approximately $1,500.00 to spend but she said that any amount would be appreciated. It was decided that D&WT would provide five newly constructed intensive care cribs, according to staff specifications.  The total was $1,500.00, or the equivalent of 35,000 cans.

It was a joyous event delivering those cribs and seeing them being utilized on the day of their delivery. Our hearts were filled with happiness knowing that we did make a dream come true. We were quite encouraged to continue our efforts - which we did.  While in Lima, Hernando made contacts with other facilities for next year’s mission.